Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The Basics for Elementary Spelling

There are a many great joys that parents observe as their children mature.  In education, parents love watching studetns learn their letters, starting to read, and then finally starting to write.

When the students start writing, encourage and encourage and encourage. Every student should be told that you love reading their writing. And it should be true.

Kids should learn to write even more they know all the writing and spelling rules. So they might invent some spelling. This is great. No need or benefit to correct. A child at age 5 might write:

Mi DAD is th most bes DAD n th hole werald. HE is th grates.

This is fine. This is an example of "invented spelling" when the student has some clues about phonics and is trying to spell all the words phonetically. it's great. Enjoy.  All too soon, they'll be reading more, mastering the rules, and doing great on spelling tests. To help them, here's some great lists to start with:

Here are the grade level pages for key word combinations of grade level, vocabulary / spelling, words / word lists, activities, word games, printable worksheets, etc . These are fantastic free resources from VocabularySpellingCity!

Kindergarten Word Lists;
1st Grade Word Lists
2nd Grade Word Lists
3rd Grade Word Lists
4th Grade Word Lists
5th Grade Word Lists

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Have a preschooler? Yes, you can homeschool!

Ok, haven't touched on this part of my homeschool life much.

Usually, it is about my boys and homeschooling them!
Guess what, in case you didn't know...I also run a childcare/preschool for kids who prefer a smaller family environment!
At this point in my business, I have 6 part-time kids. 2 are special needs. And while this is challenging at times, it is one of the most rewarding things next to being a Mom and getting to homeschool my own kids.

A typical day in our daycare!
Kids start arriving at 8am. Bright and early! Learning starts the minute they walk in the door!!
Manners are on the whole time you are.
Breakfast is on.
We get to eat and watch Sesame Street as a group. We chat along with the program, chat about ABC order, letter of the day, number of the day, dance with Elmo.
Then it is Circle Time.
What day of the week it is, what our day will be like, chatting about the color of the week, go over the alphabet again, talk about something new in our lives.
Free Play!
Why free play? Free play is VERY important to a child's learning. But they are just playing.... well, they are learning socialization, sharing, manners, decision making, patience, organization and the list goes on and on about the benefits of free play.
Nap time!
Afternoon Time
We do our preschool games, afternoon craft or outside play-depending on weather.
Then it is free play until pick-up time. Kids can color on the coloring wall, read a book in the reading center, play and explore in the sensory table, use their imagination building with blocks or create a town with Little People.

At the end of the day, they have received a full day of love, learning and fun.
Homeschooling a group of preschoolers is just as rewarding as homeschooling my teen boys.
Happy Homeschooling!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Midway through our 7th year of homeschooling! How about you?

So, we are in January 2015 and that means we are midway through our 7th year of homeschooling!
How is that possible?
We started this for 5th and 6th grade, using Time4Learning and we have stuck with it!
When I looked up the 5th grade curriculum and 6th grade currirculum, I knew it was a good start for us.
My boys started from day one and it just clicked for us.

7 years later, we are still here!
They now have high school levels and OMG!
The biology teacher is the current favorite for my boys. He cracks them up and they are learning.
Mom is happy that she doesn't have to find and cobble together stuff.
Nope, 5 classes online and they are smart as whips!

When we started out, I put them in the same grades that they had been in public school. Older son started only 6 weeks into 6th grade so he really had not learned anything yet. Younger son was midyear when we pulled him and he started at the beginning of 5th grade. He was shocked that he had not been taught much of what was required. So was I.

We walked away from public school and never looked back.
My boys have flourished! They do not lack socialization. They are at ease talking to both adults and kids.
They can handle almost any conversation thrown at them.
Homeschooling was the best decision we ever made!

Our only regret is that we did not do it sooner.
Have you been considering homeschooling your child? Just pulled them and don't know where to start?
Well, you have come to the right place! Check out all my posts and I bet you will get LOTS of answers!

Happy Homeschooling!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

So, how is homeschool year going so far?

Happy November! Happy Fall!
How many of us are glad that Halloween is behind us and we can move forward into hopefully a candy-free world?LOL
We are 2.5 months into our school year and so far, I have to say... it seems to be one of our better ones! Yep, I know, I just jinxed it.... I will check back next week and let you know!!HEHE
I think our biggest fight has been a meltdown TWICE over a pencil! Yep, a pencil.... a freaking mechanical pencil. WE have a whole jar of them. SAME EXACT kind but younger brother gets up earlier and does school, then when older brother gets up.... he does school and younger goes into their room to have game time. He leaves his computer there and the pencil he was using on the table.... rather than get one out of jar... older brother takes it and uses it. Apparently that is the WRONG thing to do.... it results in a insane fight between them. Acting like a bunch of 3rd and 4th graders instead of 11th and 12th graders!
Told them if they didn't straighten it out, I would move them down to third grade curriculum and fourth grade curriculum. If you act like one, maybe you need to do the schoolwork like one and solves that problem!
Quit arguing over a PENCIL!

Ummmm, needless to say.... they did NOT like that comment. What an insult. SHEESH MOM!

They are doing GREAT in their Time4Learning high school! OMG! Best year EVER!

Oldest son is ACTUALLY getting 90% on average on his MATH! Granted, it is pre-Algebra but hey... whatever works for him! Mom is rooting for him, while keeping it low key..... you know how it is with teenagers! :D

I do want to expand our online science program! LOVE what they are doing this year, Biology but we still have this great and EXPENSIVE kit Grandma bought them years ago. Before they are too old and move on, I want to be able to use it and do some great learning and fun and blow something UP!LOL

So, how is YOUR homeschool year going so far?
Happy Homeschooling!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Back to School, What to do?!

So, are you starting back to school already or soon?
We started last week. And I have to say, the week went reasonably well.
My boys HATED the new kitchen table, which I expected. And we brought back the old table. It fits them better, so it will stay until we are done with homeschooling in a few years. Not worth the hassle.
I also have 1 daycare kiddo leaving me to head off to Kindergarten. :( Sad day for me.
If he hadn't left, his Mom had considered homeschooling him. Which I think is a good idea. Not because I homeschool myself but because this child is high maintenance. He wiggles, he is loud, he moves, he yells, he is constantly busy and has NO OFF BUTTON. Love him to death but..... I do worry about him in a classroom setting. And he is advanced. If he had stayed another year, I would have moved him up to the Time4Learning first grade homeschool curriculum.
He needs a program where he can move and be himself and get up and dance when the feeling hits him.
I had even given his Mom a list of our State's homeschool requirements in case she changed her mind.
Oh well.....let it go.
Back to my boys. A whole week of 11th and 12th grade high school and ZERO meltdowns! OMG! Squee!
This coming week, we are adding the rest of our extras and we will see how it goes.
This Mom still needs to print out the new schedule and get it up.
I think I will be giving the laminator a run for its money tomorrow!
Hope everyone has a GREAT start to their school year and that it ROCKS!
Happy Homeschooling!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Fall plotting and planning!

So, year is done. Boys are at their grandparents. I should be relaxing right?
#1, I never relax! I am like the energizer bunny. Takes a lot to get me to sit on my butt. Mainly the time to sit down and work on my blogs!LOL So technically, I am not sitting on my butt. HEHE!

So, as I work on the Fall curriculum.... I am trying to decide WHAT to add! The choices...the choices are SO many!

We did not really do Spelling last year nor vocabulary. I felt they were fine but I think we need to add it back for this year. Too much time off leads to stagnant minds!

So, we are adding in matching vocabulary, some root word games, and some spelling games!

1 thing off the checklist..... now to move onto the rest.
Wait, can I do something else.... oh look, cute kitties dancing. I will work AFTER I watch that. I have plenty of time.....right?!LOL

What are you doing towards your Fall curriculum?

Happy Homeschooling

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Summer means video games! MAYBE!LOL

Ok, well in my kids world it does! Typical teens and LOVE video games!
Now don't get me wrong...I love my share as well! Heck, I was around when Pong and Pacman started! Yep, I am OLD! It is ok....I can handle it!LOL
But, we are done with school for a 2 month hiatus! Of course during that 2 months, they are getting a mild break, then headed to grandparents for several weeks, home for our family vacation and then a couple weeks more off and we will be back to our high school homeschooling! During that time, they will be sure to get plenty of 2 player games under their belt!
Their friends will also be online, so technically....they will be 4 player games but both my boys will be on their console! Call it what you want!LOL
Now, this Mama will not let them just sit and vegitate for the whole Summer! They have park days with friends, camping, working in our garden, taking care of the chickens, ducks and rabbits. So plenty of fresh air, sunshine and vitamin D!
I don't know about you but Summer when I was a kid, meant outside time from June to August! I rarely was home, home was food and bed.... otherwise I was outside making forts, catching lizards and bugs, chasing my brother, saving baby bunnies from our cat and being a kid! It meant riding my bike until my legs hurt, bandaids on knees most of the time and smelling of water from playing in the creek!
Kids have it different nowadays and that is ok, because we were different than our parents and they were different than theirs. We evolve and expand and grow, but I still want to make sure my kids get a chance to be kids!!
So, get out and enjoy Summer and Happy Homeschooling!