Friday, January 16, 2009

Video Games Go Vegas

Apparently, the powers that run the gambling industry in the US are concerned that the video game generation will be bored by the mindless zombie play of the traditional slot machine. So they are designing new slot machines that include an element of skill via video games. Instead of winning $100 for getting 3 cherries, you’ll play a game built into the slot machine and your performance in the game determines how much the payoff will be. Of course, with slot machines accounting for 60% of the revenue in a casino, the games will finely tuned to make sure that percentage does not take a hit.

I suspect we’ll see a lot more of this in other industries as our kids become adults. A generation used to having access to immersive and compelling virtual words from their basement is going to have very different expectations about how they interact with the entertainment industry outside of their basements.


Kiara said...

we can't neglect the fact that Video/ Download Games are now part of our daily lives. Several ways are being done to make the games more attractive, or more appealing to gamers.

Unknown said...

Well, the opposite influence has also happening - Vegas go at Video Games. We can see that lots of games that has a gambling characteristic.