Friday, May 29, 2009

Why do you homeschool?

Last weekend when I attended the FLorida Parent Education Assocation's Annual Homeschool Convention I was overwhelmed with a spirit of unity as I looked out over the halls at 15,000 homeschoolers. I would focus in on specific families as they would walk by and wonder how they came to home educate their children.

When I began back in 1998 I was a full time nurse supervisor and was still in the beginning of my medical career. My oldest was in Kindergarten at a wonderful public school. I had no idea that by the end of that first year my life would change forever.

It all started when we were over halfway done with his school year. I still remember my Brandon's teacher coming to me to tell me that he was struggling to understand letters and their sounds and this was at the END of the school year. I went home and saw an infomercial for a popular phonics program and in just a few days he learned all of them. That was the beginning of our homeschool journey. I realized that my son learned best one on one.

However, I find that what made me start homeschooling is not what's KEPT me going. I love the relationships I've built with my children. I love the opportunity I've had to nuture their friendships with one another. I love being their biggest cheerleader, but none of those are the reasons why I continue to homeschool. I continue for two specific purposes.

The first reason is because our family has a strong biblical worldview and though we plan to teach different views as they get older we don't want them introduced until later in their life. The second reason I've just recently discovered and it has given me such deep purpose. I homeschool because I want to manage my children in their nuetral and weak area's and I want to focus and concentrate on their STRENGTH'S. I don't want a cookie cutter education, but one that is personalized to each of my sons specific giftings.

What does your home look like? Do you homeschool or school outside the home? What are your goals for your children's education? I find it facinating to peek into each other's reasons. None are right or wrong, just what's right for our children, our homes.

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