Wednesday, July 29, 2009

CD ROM or On-Line Learning?

There are so many decisions we have to make when working with our computers. The longer I learn about my computer the more questions I aquire. At the same time the more I answers I have as well. One thing that I struggle with is using software that I have to install. MAC does make it easier than when I use my PC, but it seems like there is always one glitch or another. The problem with CD ROM is that when something goes wrong I have to spend a long time troubleshooting the issue and sometimes end up needing to call the manufacturer to work it out. It can be a lengthy process. I have actually found that I prefer On-Line learning.

I wish everything could be as simple as signing in and logging on. For instance, my homeschool program is on-line. I love that I can access it from ANY computer. We’ve even let the boys do school at the library just to break up the monotony of our day. I love that if there are any glitches I can simply hit the e-mail button and they are on it. I don’t have to try to troubleshoot anything. Now, I have a friend who very much LOVES her CD ROM’S, but in the midst of our conversation though she had lots of pro’s, she also had lots of con’s. Mostly technical issue’s. The only negative she could come up with for On-Line learning was that we wished every place gave you the option.

How about you? Do you prefer CD ROM or On-Line?

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