Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Homeschooling for Fun and Profit?

Homeschooling seems so out of context for the lay-person especially those of us who graduated from public schools and seem to be doing okay in spite of it. It seems that I never hear or meet someone that was homeschooled unless they are rich and famous, like actors or athletes. But I think the real reason why more families don't go back to the roots of homeschooling (that's where it all started remember) is the opportunity cost of one of the parents leaving the workforce. It is a well-known phenomenon that it now takes 2 just to make ends meet in today's economy. So how does someone justify taking themselves out of the job market so the family can live on half as much money plus pay for homeschooling supplies.

It is no wonder that our schools have become somewhat of a holding tank or prepaid baby sitter for our kids as we no longer have the luxury of choice - public school or homeschool. You notice I left out the private school option just because it is so out of reach for most families. It is good to know that there are plenty of options and homeschooling resources out there that at least make it doable for the average person. And if unemployment continues to rise or school closures continue to escalate, who knows, more of us may end up as temporary homeschoolers.

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