Friday, November 27, 2009

Lapbooking & You

So I have seen these great project books called lapbooks used by many homeschoolers. Simply put, here is a definition of a lapbook taken from Time4Writing:

"Lapbooking is one of the most popular trends in the homeschool community. Many families include lapbooks in their learning to help their children master material and build solid writing skills through easy, creative and fun mini-books. After your children have created a collection of mini-books, they pull them together in a perfect lap sized folded file folder."

But one thing I don't see a lot of are writing projects of any length included in these lapbooks. They seem to be more of an arts and crafts project with flash cards, wheels and reveal folded papers. Missing are the essays or paragraphs of prose written by the student on the lapbook subject matter. One problem is that a lapbook doesn't lend itself to long prose like a 3 ring binder. So I thought I would share with you a free downloadable lapbook pocket that is perfect to hold a writing assignment of almost any length (that is 10 pages or less). 

You can learn more about homeschool lapbooking and even see a video complete with finished projects in them at To watch the video, click the photo of the finished lapbook on this page.

I think lapbooks are a great way to focus a student's attention on a single subject collecting an assortment of related lessons in a reusable format. Besides, who can resist it when Johnny totes out his latest masterpiece and starts reciting all of the things he has learned in the process of creating it. Makes me what to replace my lap dog with a lapbook.

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