Thursday, December 31, 2009

California Educational Resources

If you are lucky enough to live in the state of California, there are a plethora of resources available to parents devoted to the proper education of California children. I don't think any decision is final and parents need to be constantly evaluating new technology options as they become available. Here's an excerpt from an excellent place to get started when considering your options for child education, especially if one of those under consideration is a homeschooling in California option:

"There are different types of charter schools. Some are run by school districts and they are "in school" charters. Then there are charter schools that are homeschool based. We have used this route for all the years we have been homeschooling. The homeschool based charter school provides a teacher once a month to collect attendance and work samples. They are also there to bounce ideas off of and place the purchase orders for curriculum, field trips and classes that the charter school offers. The funding offered by each charter school varies so interviewing each school is a must to see what they offer for the money provided. There is also a different rate for high school than for elementary which is considered K-8 for the purpose of funding. The constraints are no religious materials, you have to use their vendors, and testing is required by the school. Now I use "required" loosely since you can opt out of testing just by writing a letter stating you are opting your child out."

Of course, I'm always on the lookout for technology solutions that fit the bill and that's why I'm drawn to Time4Learning, especially with the recent launch of their new online preschool curriculum. If you are homeschooling, trying to get ahead or dealing with remediation or performance issues, the Time4Learning animated online option seems to work well for thousands of families looking for student-paced, interactive teaching options. I especially love the music in the latest version of Time4Learning preschool. A friend of mine has had excellent results with her adopted Vietnamese child. It has been a fun way to improve her English language skills in preparation for kindergarten.