Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cyber Communites!

When I began my home education journey back in 1998 I did not even own a computer. However, two years later we made the big purchase and I quickly found a love of cyber communities. As a homeschool mom who had lots of young children it was not easy to socialize at park day because I needed to keep a close eye on my little ones. I LOVED being a part of cyber communities. I have friends all these years later that I've never met in real life but are precious to me.

In our home we do have guidelines to keep us safe. I do not chat with men. I do not give out my address on a forum. I've learned that I don't have to express my opinion on everything. If there is a topic going strong and I am of a different mindset I just keep moving.

But for those times that I find like minded moms walking through this wonderfully, yet incredibly difficult season I LOVE investing time building those relationships. They make me a better wife and mother. Do you plug into cyber communities? If so which ones?