Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Power Of Interactive Graphics

I have sons who struggle with Central Auditory Processing Disorder. Which simply means that their brains do not organize what they hear auditorily. For years I would read posts from other homeschooling families who would sit around and read a loud wonderful works of literature and think that it was my job to teach my children to love being read to and even more importantly that it was my job to learn to love doing it. What was frustrating was that I would invest all this time reading out loud, only to have my children look at me blankly when I would finish and begin to ask them questions about what we had just read.

Then in "2007" I was introduced to a new on-line curriculum that looked intriguing because my children could pop on some headphones and work independently. That whole first year I worried that they weren't learning because I wasn't there working, reading, listening with them. Don't get me wrong I was availalbe, I checked their tests every single day because this program had on-line grading, but I had spent years thinking that the harder I worked the better they would do. Not True!

Imagine my surprise when we went for their year end testing and at the end of that one year their test results went up more than they EVER had in math and every other subject was accelerated as well? It threw me for a loop? How could that be? Had I been doing it wrong? Well, that year I went to a home education convention and heard a speaker talk about Auditory Processing. What she shared helped all the pieces of the puzzle come together.

You see, However, God has given my boys an incredible visual learning capacity. When information was going in auditorily it was getting lost because their brains do not know how to organize information received by hearing. However, my new curriculum, Time4Learning used strong visual graphics that plays to their strength (Visual) and the information they learn is able to go into the brain appropriately so that it sticks and stays put!

Now here we are two years since we switched to on-line learning and I am a solid believer that more is not better, more is just more. Now I work smarter, not harder!