Thursday, November 26, 2009

Unschooling the homeschooled

Here's another great approach to homeschooling but again the name will throw you for a loop: Unschooling! Now I'm all for unschooling and unlearning bad habits or inaccurate information but I'm not sure I want to throw the baby out with the bath water. For an explanation of what unschooling is, I refer to the Time4Learning overview:

" You may be wondering what unschooling "looks like." It is probably as different as each family is. But in one unschooled house, you might see kids building with Legos, examining a preying mantis in a jar, or watching the Clash of the Titans and discussing the ancient Greek gods. In another house, you might see a young man or woman spending his whole day programming a video game that he or she has envisioned. Another unschooling family may spend their day volunteering at an animal shelter and picking up trash near the highway. What you probably won't see, however, in an unschooled scenario is anything resembling a classroom experience, with specific schedules for learning and the days activities broken into "subject areas".

This explanation doesn't sound anything like its name unschooling. It sounds more like fun schooling to me.