Monday, August 9, 2010

Homeschooling Parent Communities and Reviews

What are you looking for when you hear the words curriculum reviews? I know what I am wanting to hear from actual users of the products/service not for someone who has never used them. I mean sure its nice to hear someone who can write a beautiful piece about a product/service that I am interested in. But too many times I have bought or subscribed to something only to be disappointed when it didn't meet my expectations. Has that ever happened to you? Come on be honest now!

Well lately, I have discovered that by finding an online parent community and asking other parents who are homeschooling , what they thought of what ever it is that I am interested in , that I seem to get better results. People who have actually purchases the product/service are the best, in my opinion, of a review that I can trust. I recently was looking for a great online writing program for my oldest to do for his writing time. For me, having to teach all those rules and grade his work was more than I am wanting to take on right now. And yes I do plan on taking an active role in his writing work, I mean kind of mother do you think I am? But this is a nice break, and it is thanks to a member of one of the online parent communities that I am a member of. So the morals of this story is to..... find people you can trust before you shell out your dough!

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