Sunday, August 1, 2010


You are making history as you sit here and read this blog! I am making history as I type it! Might not seem like much, but somewhere in cyberspace this will be archived and will seem important to someone!LOL History is an important part of learning, it teaches our children how our world was shaped, what it could become if the wrong or right decisions are made, and what they can do about it. As a homeschooling parent and a internet junkie, I am always looking for help via the internet with all of their subjects. History seems to be the one though, that we prefer online. Nothing worse than a dry, boring textbook that makes history seem SO boring. I remember sitting thru high school history class as the teacher droned on and on, then would assign us a chapter of the most boring stuff to read. UGH
Well, tell you what.... that has changed and we as homeschooling parents have the choice to toss those dry reads out and find something SO cool online!
I do not expect my kids to know and remember every little detail but I do think things like Wars,
US Presidents, Women in History, Men in History and Important Timeline Events should be learned about! Google is my lifesaver, plug in something like online history program and you will get lots of cool things! It is just a matter of finding a program that works for you and your child!! The internet can and will make history come to life!!

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