Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Summer help with starting back

Well summer is almost over and some of us have already started or want to have started!
I decided this year that I needed a little more time off for me, not the kids. So again, I began to
look for some online summer courses to get them started. I mean they need to get back in the swing of things and I was looking for some help. This is the time that they need to do some refresher work and I searched for some summer educational games. I figured that it would be the best idea I ever had, to save me hours of banging my head on the wall!

And you know what? It worked we finished our time off and I set up trying slowing to have them work a couple of hours here and there. I had them play the games and do some simple worksheets for the first couple of weeks. We are now on our third week and I am confident that I
will not have the tears I had last year when I started them full force into our school day.

Time will tell but now I have one less thing that I have to do when we start up~ reteach the last months of our year OVER!

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