Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Favorite State Support Group

Ok, so are you new to homeschooling, or not clicking with your local groups? Well I have the solution, think online support. Since I began homeschooling in 2007, I have become members of many different support groups. But I have to tell you that I get alot of my information from my two favorite online support groups. The first one is NC state support group, (the state I live in;) and the other is a secular online support group with members from all over the world! What I love about the NC state support group is finding out about local events in my area and connecting with other Tarheels in my area. The secular support group offers over a 1,000 members (so far) who are willing to share any information that you could think of! Between those two groups I am pretty much set , they offer a great online support on the days that I am stuck at home (especially over the cold winter months!) Its funny what you can learn from a total stranger, with only one thing in common! Homeschooling my two boys has been the most rewarding experience I have ever done and now with the support and friendships that I have gotten from mainly these two groups I can see myself going all the way through high school with my boys;)

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