Thursday, September 9, 2010

So fun to say....

Slime-Time-Lime-Mime-Rhyme.... rhyming words are fun to say and usually one of the first major steps kids take unknowingly towards learning Language Arts. Little kids LOVE to rhyme words, I think because it feels funny on the tongue and just seems silly! LOL My kids were no exception and I as a Mom and Daycare provider still do it on a daily basis! I think it is because I am just a kid at heart. I love being silly and making the little kids giggle or my teenagers roll their eyes.... but I do see the hint of a smile or smirk they are trying to disguise!
I love finding great things online that reinforce these simple and easy games we do in just every life! Rhyming word games are a perfect way to expand on being silly at home. And it helps your child in their Language Arts lessons! Words are mainly a pattern and when we can show kids that there is a pattern, they can expand their vocab and usually the next step would be learning to read!
You can also reinforce these rhyming words by creating online spelling lists for fun and practice! Sit down and check it out along with your child and you will be amazed at the bonding time and fun you will have together.... while they are learning!

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