Thursday, September 30, 2010

What a week......

Anyone have one of those weeks that you are just exhausted when you start the week? That is how this week seems have gone!
I started out tired from the busy weekend(one of those that one little project snowballs into a ton more!) and it went crazier from there!
Not only am I a homeschooling Mom of a 7th Grader and an 8th Grader but I run a daycare/preschool! I have 2 new boys starting this week to go with the 2 boys I already have in my care and starting on Wednesday, I had (2) 2 yr olds and (1) 3 yr old and (1) almost 4 yr old plus my 12 yr old and my 13 yr old! Can you say drowning in testosterone!LOL Having new little kids in the house means I shadow them until they learn the rules at my childcare. Doing this allows me a lot less freedom than I would normally have, which means for the first week or 2..... our homeschool schedule slacks off because I just cannot do it all!LOL I consider myself Superwoman(as most Moms do!) most of the time, but I can only stretch myself so thin.
This is where I am SO glad that the boys are online homeschoolers for most of their schooling!!! I can let them chill at the kitchen table and work on it with little supervision from me during this crazy week, yet still be close by for any help or questions they might have!!! They do either Spelling or Geography in the morning online, then during naptime we do Time 4 Learning, then afternoons are usually their writing program which is run by their Grandma, so any questions or issues they have can be directed towards her! I just store the papers to mail back to her!LOL
I am glad that my week ends on Thursday night, as I know I couldn’t retain my sanity if I didn’t have Fridays off completely... though this week is the start of a once a month homeschooling activity we take the boys to on Friday afternoon..... Ok, so I will rest and relax........ummmm, maybe Saturday!LOL
Stay tuned for next week's blog from crazyville!!LOL And in the meantime..... you can send me peaceful, positive thoughts so I can survive!! THANKS!

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