Sunday, October 31, 2010

The dreaded T-E-S-T-I-N-G......... *sigh*

I do not know about you, but I HATE testing! I am not a good test taker, I fail miserably not matter how well I studied. I do not know what happens or why, but I freeze up, mind goes blank and test goes down the drain!
So, when it comes time for my boys to take tests that are important and pertain to moving on in their homeschool challenge.... I like to make sure they are as prepared as we can be for the test. Mom cannot sit next to them during the test, so I try hard to get them to be able to work alone and understand it is ok.
As my oldest approaches High School(next year....*sigh*....where did the time go), I know that we need to not only do his standardized testing by the State that is required at the end of 8th grade but we need to look ahead at SAT courses to prepare for his SAT's.
I will do this several ways. First, as his Mom and homeschool teacher I will check into all the info I can from my end on how to best approach this. Then I will get reviews on several online courses and books available. We are not rich and I am frugal and hate to spend $$ on stuff that is worthless! I think reviews from others are very important! Esp. from other homeschooling parents, as I think we tend to want to get our $$ worth and the most bang for our buck! Then, we will start off with the easiest books or online courses I can find and work our way up to the harder ones so that I feel he is fully prepared when the time comes.
8 months from now, I will be dropping him off to do his standardized testing by the State and I am working with him daily to improve not only his testing ability but his ability to do it without my assistance. And when he comes back out, I will no longer have an middle schooler.... I will have a high schooler because I have prepared him for his testing!

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Linda said...

I don't worry about whether my child has the knowledge in her head to take the standardized tests. I worry that she will freak out because of it being timed, or she will see some facinating nature thing happening outside of the window, and waste her time. Or maybe that she starts drawing this awesome dragon, and she comes out of the test with this fantastic doodle and no bubbles filled in! We don't have to participate in the testing for a couple of more years, but still...preparing early is not a bad thing.
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