Monday, October 25, 2010

Magic and Mystery Books, your kids can read..

I have been looking at books for us to read for Halloween, and while we have some classics that we love to read every year. I am looking at incorporating some mysteries and ones with magic into the mix as Halloween gets closer. So I looked into finding some books about homeschoolers to see if any would fit that category. You know something perhaps the boys could relate to the characters more. And I found that some of these books have been around for a bit, I had just never heard of them before. Some even have some lesson plans and spelling lists/games to go along with them! Bonus in my book!

Here are a couple that I found out where mysteries with homeschoolers as the main characters in the story. Gunrunner Moon has a homeschooling family trying to solve a Civil War mystery. Cross Country Treasure Hunt, again has a homeschooling family driving across the US while trying to solve clues left got them. Skellig has a boy (who goes to public school) and his next door neighbor( who is homeschooled) trying to find out who or what the character Skellig is. There are at least four more books on this site that either have magic or mysteries to solve for us to check out. But so far the boys are enjoying the stories and even the spelling/vocabulary games that go along with some of them as well.

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