Thursday, November 11, 2010

Playing to Learn and Learning to Play!

Running a daycare in 2010 is nothing like it was in 2000. Kids today know more about computers than I did last year!LOL
As a childcare provider who also offers preschool to her clients.... finding a program that works for my kids is important. These kids enter Kindergarten and start computer skills.
Finding an online preschool curriculum was important to me, because I want them to start learning the basic computer skills as well as add to their current preschool curriculum that I offer. Children learn thru many different ways and each child has a unique way. Running a daycare, you get to see and deal with that first hand! WHEW!
I can guarantee that I sleep good each night because I spend my day with these kids! Preschool learning games that teach basic colors, numbers, letters, sounds and shapes with cool and cute characters are GREAT! It keeps the kids interest for a short period, is entertaining and they learn! We do lots of hands on learning here but the kids all get to have a short amount of computer time each week to help their preschool learning along! I feel that this will prepare them for entering their elementary school years.
My daycare motto is Learning to Play and Playing to Learn and I feel we definitely accomplish this on a daily basis!

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