Thursday, December 16, 2010

How Happy Holidays become Homeschool Lessons....

Turning the chaos of the holidays into a homeschool experience! Well, once again... another year has flown by and the holiday season is upon us! WHEW! Where did the year go... my baby is going to be 14 in 2+ weeks....*sniffle. Christmas is around the corner and this means that we get a break from homeschooling! But, I am not going to let the opportunity pass to make this a homeschool experience. My 7th grader and 8th grader are old enough to help and this in itself presents an excuse for Mom aka ME to turn it into learning! -Insert evil laugh here- The long list of holiday baking is a Science experiment as well as Math! You need to read the recipes and understand the abbreviations aka Language Arts! You mess up, then the whole creation is a disaster. Wrapping presents is definitely math! The item is an object and you need to figure out the area of paper needed! And the story of Christmas could be considered Social Studies depending upon your point of view. And whatever else I can think of to turn into lessons! So, despite my boys being off of "homeschool" for 2 weeks..... Mom will be sneaky and their "helping" will be using the lessons that they have learned to help me! And as far as I am concerned it is a double bonus because I do not have to do it all alone, plus I get some great one on one time with my boys! SCORE!
Happy Holidays Everyone!

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