Monday, December 20, 2010

New to Homeschooling?

If you clicked on this post then you must be new to homeschooling or are just being nosy! Of course, either is good in my book, because -in my opinion, you can't be a successful homeschooling parent without wanting to learn all you can. When I started on this journey, I was scared, nervous, excited, happy and a little sad. Now let me tell you why I was sad, I am sure that you can realize why the other emotions were there anyways. I was a little sad because my boys were ending something that was normal for everyone in my family or friends. They had at least one good friend in school and I didn't want them to lose those friends. Also for all the extra things that they could do in school that I didn't think that I could do at home. Boy, was I wrong about that one! Even the books they were reading were about kids who go to school, I didn't know of any homeschooling books who shared experiences about homeschooling! Again I was just not informed on any of my reasons for being sad to end something that wasn't working for my oldest at least!

I can honestly tell you that I have all of the emotions I listed above from time to time, even now after homeschooling for over three years! I think that most parents or grandparents feel the same way. These emotions are good for all parents to go through, it keeps us on our toes. Well , me anyways! Just yesterday my oldest was invited into a 9th grade English class that one of the homeschooling moms is starting up. I was so nervous about him being in the class, mainly because it would contain a lot of writing. (which is something that we are still working on) But isn't that part of the overall schooling process? You decide (sometimes together) what would be best for your child's education and just take a leap of faith. The outcome,from experience, is usually positive in one way or another and you have just given your child something new to excel in!

So if you are looking at starting to homeschool you kids, pulling them out from an existing public school or maybe you are thinking of doing it from the very beginning. Just know that you are not alone whatever you decide to do!

Happy Homeschooling!

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Kerry said...

I couldn't help but kinda freak out when our oldest started taking part of his coursework at the local community college. Having homeschooled from the get-go, I was SO nervous about how he would handle himself and the rigors of a classroom, but it seems that he has done marvelously and even got an A on his final project for the semester. These homeschoolers turn out just fine! ;)