Thursday, August 12, 2010

Homeschooling - My Way!

I am not one of those people that likes labels, to be told what to do and how to do it, or made to conform with society! I have always danced to my own beat, dressed how I wanted instead of the latest fad, picked my friends because I liked them for who they were inside not their looks, and colored outside the lines! This is how my Mom raised me!
I guess that is why when we made the decision to homeschool and learned all the different labels..... I decided we were definitely eclectic homeschoolers! None of the programs we found were covering 100% of what we wanted, nor did we want to be stuck homeschooling something that was a by-the-book curriculum. I researched MANY different programs, tossing each one aside for various reasons. Too religious for us, we are more secular homeschoolers. Too regimented, we were trying to get away from regiment. Too much like public school, YIKES... that needs no explanation!LOL We finally stumbled upon Time 4 Learning and it was perfect! Followed federal guidelines so we could stay on track enough to pass our required State tests when needed!! Not religious, so we could add in what we believed as we saw fit! No regiment, we can work at our own pace! AWESOME! And most of all.... definitely NOT like public school!! We add in other things like a writing program designed by my Mom, the retired schoolteacher. A spanish program thru their Nintendo DS. We use TV shows like Junkyard Wars or Dirty Jobs as learning programs! I would definitely consider this eclectic homeschooling!
We start our new school year next week and while we are starting out slowly just using T4L, we will definitely still be eclectic homeschoolers because within a few weeks we will be adding our own way of homeschooling to it so it fits us!
Happy Homeschooling - My Way!!!