Saturday, August 14, 2010

Stories about homeschoolers

OK, could there be a better literature lesson then having your kids read about other homeschoolers as the main characters in books? I didn't even know that stories about homeschoolers existed. I did my famous research and BAM there it was a site for homeschoolers to go and find books about characters that they can related to! I never knew that there were so many and new ones are coming out all the time now. Since homeschoolers in general have doubled their numbers over the last ten years. I had my oldest read two of the books from the site Schooled and Surviving the Applewhites and he loved them both. And he even went online to see if they were a series. OK you have to understand that he never reads anything for fun but fantasy and graphic novels but he devoured them in a matter of days. Something I only see with books like Eragon or the Percy Jackson books, etc. It means alot to me to see him expanding his reading list to include books that are not in his normal area of interest.
It gets better along with these books there were lesson activities to go along with the books. So basically I had literature based word lists for each book for him to go over. In my option that makes for a much better well rounded book comprehension reading experience, wouldn't you say?I can't say that there are space alein homeschool books yet but who knows I am bookmarking the site to come back to!