Sunday, August 22, 2010

Latin.....the ancient Internet!

The internet is EVERYTHING nowadays! It basically is the root of everything we do. We email, we google, we search, we read our news online, we chat with others and the list goes on and on.

Well, the easiest comparison for me to that would be Latin! Latin is the root system for the majority of our words! If you don't believe me, google it!LOL

When it comes to learning Language Arts, learning where our word roots come from is VERY important. Because once you have the foundation for your words, you can learn ANYTHING! And you can understand the meaning and reasoning behind the word itself and the definition!

Latin root vocabulary skills are a good way to get started! Kids can easily learn through flashcards, Latin matching games or create your own method that works for your kids!

But, once you start.... remember that your word "root" system will grow and grow and pretty soon your kids will have the tree of knowledge!!