Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Love, Love, Love Literature with my boys

Are you like me always looking for the next good book to read to your kids? This year I am continuing to read out loud to the boys, mainly because it makes all of us really get into the same story together. We all really have fun listening to the stories and the boys tell me things that they remember from past stories and how it relates to this one. Plus even though I have a teenager who loves to read by himself, he still enjoys listening to a story read by someone else. (Shhh don't tell his teenage friends)

I just finished another story about homeschoolers with the boys, and they loved it!
We read the Cross-Country Treasure Hunt (and the Mystery that Followed), which took a
homeschooling family on a road adventure across the US. I am totally loving that there are
books about homeschoolers out there for me to read to my boys. And for them to read as well!
Along with a great states study, I also used it to make up my own spelling list for the boys
to use and of course plays games with both the states and the spelling words. You know when you just have a great day with your kids, and there wasn't any tears or "Do I have to do that?" You can sit back and realx that night knowing that you taught your kids something that they will most likely remember for years to come. (not just for a test!) Well I had one of those days yesterday and I am looking forward to doing more lesson activities with them like this again, SOON!