Thursday, September 16, 2010

Back to school with online lesson plans;)

Are you back to school yet? Knee deep in learning about something new? I find that every year we are all very excited with taking on new subjects or taking new classes at local museums. This year I sat down the month that we took off (July) and tried to see what was working for our family and what wasn't. We have added some new things and kept the old ones that kept our interest through out last year. But of course some have to go, I mean there is only so much time in the day right?

Well we have been back for a over a month now and I am finding that I need to get some more online lesson plans to help with spelling and writing. (seems to be a yearly need!) And I have added some really cool sites that help with spelling, and teach grammar through games. Our favorite for this year has to be, we just upgraded to the premium membership so that the boys can enjoy new games that they did not have access to, through the free membership. Hands down "Letterfall" is our favorite at the moment, reminds me of that game we used to play as kids with the alien spaceship trying to destroy your spaceship.(of course I can't thinkg of the name at the moment) But my youngest giggles as he tries to catch the right letter as the mouse drops it, in my book that makes for a great learning game, LAUGHTER!