Monday, September 27, 2010

Westward Ho, Oregon!

The best part about homeschooling is finding other people in your area that are homeschooling as well! It gives you the sense that you are not alone in this adventure! When we first started homeschooling, the first thing that I did..... being a computer nerd and prefer finding out info via the world wide web..... I went online and found groups and info about homeschooling in my State of Oregon! And being that I think kids should know info about the State they are living in, I also look for State games to enhance their learning!
And this is SUCH a bonus for us now, since my son has completed his Social Studies online and we are kinda floating for his 8th grade year. I decided that he should learn all he can about Oregon. And he loves it, because he will be reading a book about the State or doing an online game and the place will be somewhere he has been and knows! Little does he know that this shows me he is LEARNING!!! Doing the Homeschooling Mom happy dance!LOL So, hop on the computer and check for some great info on homeschooling in your State, State Groups and State games online! You will be amazed at what is right at your fingertips!