Friday, October 15, 2010

Is this your first year homeschooling?

Are you struggling with your curriculum? Or maybe just one subject, like writing or spelling?
I remember that first year we started homeschooling I was a mess but of course I tried not to let anyone see me sweat! There are so many homeschooling curriculum choices out there, it can be so overwhelming to someone who is looking at homeschooling their kids. I know that I researched for a good 6 months while the boys were still in public school to make sure that I was prepared. Or so I thought anyways;) I think that best advice that I received from a veteran homeschooling mom was relax, I thought yea right and let my boys become dumb under my supervision! But of course she was right ,but it took me the entire year to finally admit it. Now we are in a better homeschooling frame of mind, there are days that we are working hard all day long and others well we are lucky to finish the basics.

One area that I know I talk a lot about is writing and spelling, well because I feel like they are my weaknesses and I don't want to pass that along to the boys. So I source out those subjects both through online games and programs, but also through our homeschooling group classes. I am always on the look out for any homeschool writing classes or tips on making my boys stronger spellers. (I am consistently thanking the person who developed spell check!) I always feel better after they go through someone's class and they say , "Your boys did a great job".