Sunday, October 17, 2010

So now you are homeschooling......

Where do you go from here? What do you use? How do you go about it?
This runs through the minds of ALL homeschooling parents, whether you planned this from the beginning or are jumping into it later in your child's schooling!
I had these thoughts and I still do on a yearly basis!
Finding a curriculum for homeschooling that offers enough to provide your child with a good basis is essential! It takes a lot of research on the parent's part to find something that works for both you and your child. Not all curriculum's will work for all people.
Before we became accidental homeschoolers, I had already toyed with the idea of homeschooling. My husband was not into it, flatly refused, etc. so I quit checking out curriculum's. Then it happened and suddenly homeschooling was real, it was here and I needed to figure out what to do!
I searched online and stumbled upon Time 4 Learning! It looked AWESOME! We could work at our own pace, he could use different grade levels if needed- not the grade society stuffs him in, etc. We signed up and have never looked back! Their curriculum for homeschooling allows me to set up all the need to do, it is on their computer right in front of them, I can check their progress, their grades, we review together what they need to redo, etc. and it allows me to add to our curriculum the fun, extracurricular stuff!
For their writing classes, I have and use 2 choices. We have their Grandma, the retired schoolteacher who has created a writing thing between them and herself. Plus we have online writing classes. These essentially give the boys 2 versions of writing, so I feel they have a well-rounded basis for writing.
Will I still think and wonder about their curriculum for homeschooling next Fall.... you bet. We wouldn't be good homeschooling parents if we didn’t review, ponder, update and fiddle with our curriculum! That is part of the joy of homeschooling!