Friday, October 22, 2010

Tests, tests and more tests....

So you are homeschooling whether it is for one hour or 20 years, and what is one question that most people ask you? Yes how are the kids being socialized, not really a problem with anyone I have talked to. I guess I should have said the top five questions and you have this one asked for sure! What test do you use, if any and what SAT courses are available to homeschoolers? The SAT testing is one I am personally looking into for our near future, I want to have all the information possible that I can about this well recognized test. From what I have gathered together so far, the most important part (at least for us anyways) is the writing section. This is an area that we have struggled with since the boys were in public school and we have been working hard on since starting our homeschooling adventure 3 + years now. And it is one I am always talking about as well, but giving information of what I have found and asking more questions.

Another question that I get a lot of people just starting out is about how we as homeschoolers keep up with standardized testing by state laws. Well some states don't have required yearly tests while others give you the test that they will accept and no others will be accepted. I personally look for different sites that I frequent like, and many blogs or websites on homeschooling that give you samples of how to judge if you are ready for your tests. Here in NC the state test given at the schools are the EOG, which is lacking in my opinion. But I am able to give my boys a test that I believe fits their learning styles, we use the Woodcock Johnson tests given by a certified tester. Even though, here you can administrator certain tests yourself with no requirements.
So that's my two and half cents on testing, whether you are the one giving it or not. Personally I think it is a good idea if families see where their children are at every year. It gives me a jumping point for the following year;)