Monday, November 8, 2010

Art.... how do I love you!

I love art! That was my original college goal.... to be an art history major. That was before kids, before running a daycare and before homeschool.
Since that is not in my future..... I still try to include art as much as possible in both my children's homeschool day and my daycare kids day!
Finding new ways to get them interested is always a challenge. Once again, my love for the internet comes to play!!
I love looking for online art programs! There is SO much out there and so many ways to express art that there is no way you cannot find something that appeals to each child's personality! Any online games ALWAYS appeal to my boys, you say "game" and they would do it! Art games are a perfect way to meld what I want them to learn and how they want to learn! Best of both worlds!
And the best part is, that art can be mashed together with many other learning areas and kids will not even know they are learning! You need Math for figuring out how much material you will need or how big of a canvas. Reading to understand the way to properly use the supplies. Science for mixing colors.... and the list goes on and on!
Just think how many ways you can add Art to your kids lives!! The possibilities are endless!!!
Go and Create!