Monday, November 22, 2010

Math and Science-a perfect marriage;)

Hi all! I have been doing some research- yes again! But this time about trying to accomplish mixing two subjects together, you guess it- math and science. Several sites offer an online math and science program, that work with each other to get each lesson done. I have found that for my oldest son this works well,and it seems to be just what he needs. I am hoping that the math and science will make more sense to my oldest and allow him to grasp the subjects better. He is a very visual learner. So that theory behind showing why he needs to learn a certain type of algebraic problem will make sense once he sees that it ties to science.(his favorite subject right now)

We accomplished a fractions lesson last week while working on a science experiment. We doubled the ingredients needed so he could practice his adding of fractions. It worked and he was smiling the whole way through the lesson. BONUS! Of course, this is a simple lesson with math and science but it was my first attempt at it. Afterwords, he even asked to play some online math games that deal with fractions. There is so much information on the web that it is easy to find what you need to help your child succeed in life, and sometimes its FREE;)

Where are we?

Geography is falling by the wayside in our school systems! That is my opinion and I feel it is a fact.
I remember that in 5th and 6th grade my biggest obstacle was to learn States and Capitals. We had to pick 2 States to write to their information center for a packet on that State and do a report on it. I picked New Jersey and Hawaii, don't ask me why those States..... I am sure I had good reasoning then!LO
And to this day, I can still get 90% or better on any States and Capitals quiz. One of my few parlor tricks!LOL
I was SO surprised when my own kids went thru public school Kindergarten thru 5th grade and they had no idea on ANY States and Capitals.... not even the State we live in, Oregon. Our first year homeschooling we didn’t touch on it. I had enough on my plate with 2 middle schoolers, new to homeschooling for all of us, etc.
But, our 2nd year homeschooling I knew that my kids were missing out on a large chunk of their education. We added Geography to our curriculum. We added many US 50 States games, both online and on paper. I bought them board games, flash cards and books. We used our State homeschool info to learn more about our State. They each had 26 States and had to do full information sheet on each of them, then they shared their books with each other. I do not expect them to know their States and Capitals in their sleep but I do expect them to know a little about the Country and State they live in!