Thursday, December 2, 2010

Great Games to End 2010 With

This is the most exciting time of the year for us. No, not a deluxe vacation some where warm.( it would be nice) I am talking the the holiday season from Thanksgiving to New Years Day. My mother always made this time of year special for me, with being allowed to help in the kitchen (with the cooking not so much the dishes!) or having a candy making party! I try to make my boys holiday season as special as she made mine. But being the mother, cook, housekeeper, therapist and most important teacher can have its draw backs sometimes! Why you ask? Well because some where between the candy making and decorating the house for the holidays, we have to squeeze in some lessons as well. That's why I believe a lot of homeschoolers take off a good chunk of "school" days during this busy time.

I have to admit our load gets lighter during this time or should I say my load of tasks to do with them get lighter. They are still required to do some work, that we must get done on a day to day basis. Like, oh I don't know, SPELLING! Lucky for them and myself I found some online holiday games with spelling lists for them to accomplish, this important subject in my house. Another subject that we had just gotten into was Spanish, so I hate to take a break for too long in it. So to break up the amount of time that we spend together on it, I found some great games in foreign languages. My youngest said " Mom, aren't we going to do our Spanish today?", then I explained that he just did. He was totally impressed with being able to play a game and it counted!

During this holiday season don't forget to give yourself a break and let the kids play some great educational online games!