Thursday, January 20, 2011

What makes a good homeschool day go bad?

What makes a good homeschool day go bad? Getting to a section in a subject that is HARD for your child! The child gets frustrated and in turn..... we get frustrated trying to help them!
MATH is the bad word in our house for my oldest son! He hates it, it makes him cringe and in turn..... I want to avoid it OR make it so simple that we whiz thru it!
Fractions give him fits and what makes it bad.... you need fractions in everyday life, so he HAS to have some basic knowledge of them. Cooking, measuring for wallpaper, weight, etc. are all things that need the use of fractions daily. When we get to fraction lessons, we slow down and move thru it at a snail's pace so that he gets it with the least amount of frustration.
Math vocabulary is another downfall for us! I swear, I need to check online and see if there is a Math Vocab book! Some of our online classes have a glossary section with words that explain what they are talking about, others do not and we are floating in cyberspace trying to understand what they are talking about. It makes for a LONG day when that happens! Learning what something means or to be able to break it down into layman's terms really is helpful when teaching a Math reluctant student.
So, what subject do you dread? How do you get around it? Tips, tricks or hints that will help fellow homeschoolers in the same boat?

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