Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Making my homeschool week easier.....

Every weekend, I try to sit down and make up quick lesson plans for the coming week. This doesn’t always happen and we wing it(one of the joys of homeschool), but I prefer to be organized and have a lesson plan for the week. It just makes my week run easier, because with 2 teenagers and a houseful of daycare kids(ALL boys)..... things NEVER go as planned!LOL And if Mom's week runs easier, the ball rolls downhill and the kids week is easier because Mom is calmer, cooler and more collected!
Lately we have been focusing on vocabulary. The boys seem to be struggling with their writing pages their Grandma gives them, in the vocab area on proper use of words and phrases. Which means lots of googling for answers, digging around in the book closet for our vocab books, etc. which is a pain. So, I made sure this week to do an online search to find some alternative practice vocabulary games for 7th grade and 8th grade. We found some great ideas out there and hopefully it will help it sink it!LOL Who knows if they will help, it can't hurt and who knows if my homeschool lesson plans will go as planned.... but it gives me a good base each week so I can try to stay on track!
How do you make your week smoother?

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