Monday, March 7, 2011

Can we just outlaw Math!? Honestly!!LOL

Ok, as readers know.... or may not know.... I have 2 boys, middle schoolers. They are polar opposites in every way! I swear, I do not know how 2 kids came out of the same parents and are SO different!
This makes our homeschool day a bit difficult as they operate in each subject very differently.
Math is especially hard because my youngest son is a MATH lover and my oldest son is a MATH hater! And I know hate is a strong word but when it comes to this.... he would rather do anything than Math, even clean the catbox I think! EWWWWW
So, in order to make our Math curriculum go as smoothly as possible for things that are not on Time 4 Learning(our main curriculum), I try to find Math games both online and hands-on that have several options, multiple grade levels so that each boy can play them for his strong points and at least learn while they do something educational.
This isnt always easy but it does make my time on the computer challenging!LOL
But, I think many homeschooling parents would agree..... we could just outlaw Math and it would make the day go a bit smoother....
Whatcha think? Want to start a campaign?!LOL

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