Monday, March 28, 2011

The sound of silence!

The sound of silence! I love my kids, I really do! But, they are at their Grandma's for our version of Spring Break and it is nice to sit in the silence! 2 middle schoolers who are opposites in personality tends to make for tight tensions. Not that I am sitting on my butt..... While they are gone, I am tackling their room. YIKES! 1st we had mold, yuck! Almost new IKEA dresser tossed, wipe the room all down and put it back together. Spent a few days looking for a replacement dresser on craigslist, I love CL! Then I upgraded their beds, ordering all the stuff off the internet BEFORE they left! My 8th grader is almost 6'4" so we had to get him more room and my 7th grader will eventually get at least 6'. So, twin xl beds were in order. Mattresses arrived right after they left but bed frames are MIA. GRRRRRR How do kids accumulate SO much stuff. I do not get it. Of course I remember being a kid and having shelf after shelf of stuff!LOL So, Hubby and I added shelving at ceiling height for all their little stuff. Now that the week is ending and they are about to come home.... I think I am MORE exhausted than when my kids are here.. I need a vacation from my kid-free vacation!LOL But, I did enjoy the sound of silence!

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Firefly Mom said...

I think that's the one thing I miss about my mother - when she used to take Cody and Mike and I got a "vacation." :D