Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spelling sucess!

As the year is winding up for us, 8 weeks left I think.... I am trying to get them to finish some of their subjects. Spelling is our continual subject though because I want them to be the best spellers they can be and have a good vocabulary. In order to do that, we do vocabulary games weekly using both their spelling words and any games we can find online. The better to test them I feel by giving them games that are not words they are familiar with. We also work on their assigned spelling words using Spelling City but we also rely on spelling words and lists such as the Dolch Sight Word Lists that Spelling City provides which make it great! The boys love all the games because they think its more games than schooling and I love that they are learning while having fun. Next year I will have to expand either the vocab games and/or the spelling words because my boys have really become good spellers. I am proud of how far they have come in a few short years! At times I worry that our homeschool choice or our curriculum choice was wrong, as I know we all have those days but then my son who used to send emails that were SO badly spelled for simple words that we as his parents were embarrassed he had sent them unsupervised.... the last email he sent, I had to correct nothing! It was written and spelled perfectly! Homeschooling success!!!

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