Monday, May 16, 2011

Proper writing..... a good foundation!

My boys are Middle Schoolers..... at least for a few more weeks..... then my oldest will be a 9th grader! JEEZ
Writing for this age is a lot more important than it was in Elementary school. Elementary was learning your letters, pronunciation, how to write and eventually cursive. They would learn how to create stories but it was just the basis for expansion!
Middle School is the stepping stone to High School which is the stepping stone to College. And in the age of computers, typing or keyboarding is important. Because how you use your computer efficiently will either make your writing harder or easier! Your child may be a natural at typing/keyboarding or they may be like my husband and a hunt and peck person! Either way, a good typing game or keyboarding program is an easy way to get them up to speed.
Middle School writing is where they learn to really write. How to create stories that bring the reader in, how to do proper research to support their stories, how not to plagiarize, etc. It is not easy, your kids will complain..... at least mine do. But, they will get over it! I promise because teaching them to write correctly NOW means that in High School and eventually in College... they will have a good foundation for writing A+ papers, resumes, business propositions for loans, etc.
So..... even though your kids might whine, complain, pitch a fit...... giving them a typing or keyboarding class as Middle schoolers will improve their writing throughout their life.
Just buy yourself some earplugs so you can avoid listening to their whining!LOL

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