Sunday, May 22, 2011

State Testing.....

Well, after a week of emails, forum postings, more emails and forum postings.... I think.... I have an idea about my son's State testing!
WHEW, I am exhausted. It hasn’t been easy, as this is our first time testing so while we are experienced homeschoolers of 3 yrs.... we are new testers.
I found sample tests online, just to see where he was. He did GREAT in Science, Social Studies and Language Arts but Math was a different deal. UGH!!
I knew this and he knew this. Math as I have previously posted is his hardest subject. Luckily, they grade the tests overall and add them up... and he only has to be better than a low percentile number to pass! So, even if he does poorly on his Math... if he stays strong in his other subjects he should be ok.
Though because of his Math issues.... in hopes to get him caught up or at least a better start.... I am considering private tutoring as a solution. Maybe hearing it presented from someone else besides good ol' Mom, he could understand the Algebra part of it better. It was NEVER my strong subject.
Has anyone else used a private tutor as part of their homeschooling to help their child boost a subject? If so, I would LOVE to hear how it worked!
And check back for updates on his testing!

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