Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kids are almost done...... but a Homeschooling Mom never is!

As we are winding down the last few days of school...... I am working diligently on our lesson plans for our next school year, aka Fall 2011.
I would LOVE to ignore this until the last minute but.....
I will have one in High School and an Eighth Grader so I have to basically create 2 totally different set of lesson plans. More work for me so that it makes a smoother year for them!
We will definitely be doing Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies and Spelling. We will be using our Spelling words for online vocabulary games as well.
I think we will be expanding our Spanish and our Geography into more in depth lessons as well.
This means lots of research, talking to other homeschooling parents on both forums and in person to find what I feel is great programs that they will love and understand while learning!
For the past few years, we have really improved our schooling compared to how my boys were when I pulled them from public school but I still think we need to do more.
I want them to graduate high school and feel that they are ready for the real world whether they choose a trade school, college or just go out and work.
My job as a homeschooling parent is to give them all this info, prepare them as best as their father and I can and be proud of who they become!
I figure I should complete my lesson plans about 2 weeks before it is time to start school again!LOL

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Kerry said...

I used to ADORE the homeschool planning stages. Now that the boys are both in high school, I have very little to plan, and honestly...I REALLY MISS IT!! Even if we never even did all the stuff I planned, the planning part was so much fun. I love that they basically educate themselves now, but I miss the input!! :P