Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Starting a blog!

Well, my blog PreschoolersDaybyDay has been up about 6 weeks and I have to tell you... starting a blog is hard, fun, easy, confusing and satisfying! You will laugh, cry, get mad, be happy and get frustrated all within the same 20 minutes! But, when you get your first real comment and know that people are reading what you wrote.... you get this feeling like WOW!
When I decided to start my blog, it was choice of what to write about. I figured I should write about what I knew, preschoolers! And since I decided to start my preschoolers on Time 4 Learning doing the preschool games and activities section.... what better to write about than our experiences weekly on how it it going.
When you start a blog, write about something you know because the words flow out of your better. And that presents itself as something cool to read, therefore you get more readers, etc. I cannot tell people that enough when they ask.
Yes, there are weeks that I do not feel like writing. Living a normal crazy life, homeschooling, running a childcare, writing articles and being an Urban farmer all take a lot out of my day..... and some days I just want to not even look at the computer. Other days, I could write all day. I usually end up writing extra articles during this time and saving them for when I do need something and do not feel like writing!
So, if you have been thinking about writing a blog.... I suggest checking out some blog writing courses, find a blog site and do it! You will either love it or hate it, but you do not know until you try!

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