Thursday, July 28, 2011

The homeschool world is my oyster!LOL

Again more lesson plans for our Fall 2011-2012 school year...
Apparently, I am stuck on their vocabulary/spelling words and games and trying to incorporate it into all their subjects! But, I cannot help it. There are SO many great websites, games, pages, tidbits out there on the internet that I HAVE to incorporate it for all subjects.
This week, I am working on expanding their Math program to work over into their Vocab/Spelling program with some Math vocabulary words. I think to get a better understanding of Math, it doesn’t hurt to know the words. Kinda like going to the Dr. and he starts throwing Medical terms at you for your ailment.... NO, give it to me in layman's terms please! But, it doesn’t hurt to have a few basic Medical terms so you still can understand what he is saying..... YKWIM?!
So.... I think in terms of schooling, this applies to each subject and you can really expand your program by mixing each subject with Vocab/Spelling!
The homeschool internet is my oyster!LOL Hmmmm, Math this week.... maybe History next week or Science? Stay tuned to see!LOL


Djonni Smith said...

I'm not against homeschooling your kids. However, they may not be able to learn the social skills needed as soon as they step out to the real world.

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Sharon said...

I agree. Home schooling can be done as a supplement. It is still an imperative for every individual to go to school and have a social life while studying. It's good to teach children at home but it's much better if it's done along with proper education in school.

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Anonymous said...

What an amazing sounding program. Wow do I ever wish there were something like that around here. My youngest would go ape over getting to dissect fish!! :)
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Unknown said...

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