Sunday, July 3, 2011

Lesson Plans...... Part 2!

Well, now that we have explored writing options for Fall 2011 Lesson plans..... I am onto Social Studies. We have covered a lot in the past 3 years but from my standpoint.... history is only exciting if you MAKE it exciting. And most textbooks do not do history justice... in fact they seem to turn a lot of kids and adults off of it. I would prefer that my boys learn a good bit and learn that history is very cool.
I am exploring several homeschool social studies option including social studies games. Over the past 3 years we have used Time 4 Learning and while my younger son still has 1 more year of this... my older son is starting high school and I need to come up with options that work for him.
I have a whole folder on my computer of curriculum options that I have been researching. I have also been talking on my homeschool forums about options, opinions and ideas! Important business contacts!LOL
So..... that is 2 things down, writing and social studies.... many more to go.
Stay tuned for further lesson plan discussion!

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