Sunday, February 6, 2011

Homophones or Homonyms or Homo Sapien? Say what?

Gobbly gook! That is what trying to remember what the difference between homophones and homonyms are when it comes to Language Arts! Hard to believe I wrote for my school paper, was in AP English both in High School and College.... yet you give me things like metaphor or simile, phonics(how does a long A sound, etc) or what is the difference between homophones and homonyms..... I am at a loss!
Thank goodness for internet, dictionaries and those lovely little cheat books some nice publisher has come up with to help parents understand their child's homework!
I don’t care if you are a homeschooling parent or a parent of a public schooled child... at some point you will come across the stuff they drummed into us in English class and because I believe the human brain is only capable of holding so much info...... we have misplaced our ability to understand this somewhere!!LOL
Every time the boys are at this place in their Language Arts..... they ask me, who refers them to the internet or this lovely all info dictionary thing my Mom gave us! Love that book, it is like the internet on paper!LOL
We then do our Language Arts lesson and then we try to find some elementary games online to coincide with those homophones or homonyms or whatever they are... and MAYBE, just MAYBE they will retain more of it than I did!!LOL

Pros and Cons of Homeschooling

For anyone thinking of homeschooling, you must weigh the pros and cons of homeschooling for your family needs and lifestyle. No one call tell you to homeschool or that you can't homeschool, if they do kindly tell them to mind their own business! I have heard a lot of stories moms (usually~ sorry dads) being the only one who wants to homeschool their child. It is usually from trouble that their child is experiencing in school whether its being bullied, struggling to keep up or being totally bored. For anyone who has made it to the step of considering homeschooling, you should write a list of the pros and cons for yourself and any doubters that are in your life! For my family, it was because after moving around so much and thinking that we were in a great school district.Where we could stay until the end of time, then getting redistricted to a school (after checking it out of course) that would have swallowed my boys up whole with fights, where a police present was required and basically being so over crowd I would feel claustrophobic myself!  For me that was the end to "regular" school for my boys, BUT I was very lucky my husband was on board (well after a couple of "Are you serious?"). Since we had moved around from state to state since my oldest was 2, I didn't feel the need to "get" approval from our families. They didn't sound to worried, I guess because we had done everything on our own for so long they had faith in me/us. ( I am not going to lie about that, I didn't need any approval but I liked the fact that they thought that I could do it!) They did worry about socialization or where I would be able to get all the homeschool resources that I would need. However, I assured them that I had already looked into that and my boys would not suffer in anything ever again!

Feeling pretty good about my decisions still today, in the first years I posted everything on Facebook (mainly for family) so they could see the experiences that the boys were getting being homeschooled. Even now I find myself posting things here and there more as a record for our family. I am not going to lie there are days where I feel like I am doing everything wrong but my youngest can always bring me back by asking to play with him or read  him a story. My homeschooling story is one that is filled with wonderful memories of my boys growing up with me and my husband, being a closer family than I would ever believed possible.