Monday, March 14, 2011

2 weeks off!!! WAHOOOOOOOOOOO

Can you tell Mom is excited that not only are we off schooling for 2 weeks BUT..... the boys are gone to their Grandparents for this whole week!!!
This gives me time to not only breath a bit but play catch-up on lesson planning for the next 3 months of school!!
Because the boys learning styles are SO different(as previously blogged) it makes creating lesson plans a bit more difficult but I love the challenge.
I am hoping to include some typing for the last few weeks. As other things like Spelling and Geography are winding down, I like to fill that free space with other things... like typing. I am on the lookout for some typing games because it always seems that if I find a "game" for the subject the boys are more receptive to learning it. And since I am cleaning the boys room, YUCK.... I am hoping in my decluttering of their room.... that I will also find the missing Nintendo DS Spanish game. If I do, then we will add that as well.
And I need to buy a new notebook... I need to start planning out our NEXT school year. Oldest son will be a 9th grader aka HIGH SCHOOL and we are still planning on homeschooling him so.... all these great ideas floating around in my brain..... well, I need to put it to paper or else it will be lost!LOL
But first..... I am doing the happy dance to have some down time!