Sunday, July 3, 2011

Lesson Plans...... Part 2!

Well, now that we have explored writing options for Fall 2011 Lesson plans..... I am onto Social Studies. We have covered a lot in the past 3 years but from my standpoint.... history is only exciting if you MAKE it exciting. And most textbooks do not do history justice... in fact they seem to turn a lot of kids and adults off of it. I would prefer that my boys learn a good bit and learn that history is very cool.
I am exploring several homeschool social studies option including social studies games. Over the past 3 years we have used Time 4 Learning and while my younger son still has 1 more year of this... my older son is starting high school and I need to come up with options that work for him.
I have a whole folder on my computer of curriculum options that I have been researching. I have also been talking on my homeschool forums about options, opinions and ideas! Important business contacts!LOL
So..... that is 2 things down, writing and social studies.... many more to go.
Stay tuned for further lesson plan discussion!

Let the Lesson Plans begin...... Part 1

Well, school year has wound up. My oldest son has completed and PASSED his required homeschool standardized State Testing-YIPPEEEE! And now that our Summer Break is in full swing, Mom aka ME is working on the lesson plans for our next school year.
My Mom is in charge of their writing program and has decided that this year she is upping the program a bit in order to better prepare them for high school, college, life, etc! She is researching writing software programs to expand from cursive and workbooks into online programs. There are lots of choices out there and thankfully we have 6+ weeks to figure out which one is the best for us!
Over the past 2 years the boys have really improved their writing just by using their workbooks and practicing cursive via their spelling words on Spelling City but now that they are an upcoming 8th grader and 9th grader....both my Mom and I feel that their writing needs to be stepped up.
I want to know as a homeschooling Mom that I have done everything I could to prepare them completely for the outside world!
So.... let the lesson planning begin! Stay tuned for further adventures!