Sunday, July 17, 2011

Monet, Manet, or Seurat..... which Artist is which?

When we start back to school in 5-6 weeks, I will have a 9th grader and an 8th grader. This creates a whole new batch of crazy for me to work through as the main homeschooling parent. Basically 2 different curriculums to plan for. I do know that there are several things I want to carry through for both boys so we have some cohesiveness to the day. Art is something we have touched on before here and there but I want to make it a weekly or bi-weekly thing starting this year. High school is where I really got into art, I was in the National Art Honor Society and was always very artistic. Both my boys are very creative in different ways but creative none the less! So, I am checking into art games, online art study programs and some really kid friendly art books that reach out and grab their attention. I do not expect them to know everything about art or to become artists but I do think that they need to have some idea what pointillism is versus graphic art. Or who Monet, Manet or Seurat is and why they are different.
I will let you know how it goes for the year..... And if you, my faithful readers have any input on some great programs for Art.... please let me know!

Comparing an elephant to a vacuum....

Now that it is Summer break for us..... I am thinking ahead to our 2011-2012 school year while my boys practice not thinking!!LOL It is Summer ya know!
I am working on our Language Arts curriculum and figuring on how to add some analogy study along with similes and metaphors.
Nothing is harder than trying to remember which is which, who is who and what is what. If I compare an elephant to a vacuum.... is it a metaphor, simile or analogy or all 3 or both or none? And the hard part is.... it seems the more 2-3 people start to figure out what it is...the more confused we become!LOL
So, per our usual curriculum.... I am checking into online games. I am looking for mainly analogy games at this time because I know that once I start to really look and play with stuff.... I can easily go off on a tangent because I get sidetracked by all the cool things out there...... ohhhh, the woes of a homeschool Mom.... too many cool choices out there!LOL

So, does anyone know the answer.... when comparing an elephant to a vacuum..... is it a metaphor, an analogy or a simile?