Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Making homeschool work for your Visual Spatial Learner!

Do you have a visual spatial learner at home?
I do and I am one!
I prefer the hands on approach for ANYTHING I do. Show me, do not tell me or let me read it.
Most textbook approach to things is SO boring, I am lost. Forget it, done deal.
Give me the same thing on TV or hands on....I got it, I enjoy it and I will retain it.
My oldest son is like this.
Very rarely does he read directions, he can look at this 1,200 piece Lego kit and know EXACTLY how it goes together and completes it within a short time period.
It amazes me! I would at least have to look at the picture directions for part of it!
So...when it comes to his homeschooling we tend to switch things up so that it works best for him to learn at his optimum!
Homeschooling math is our biggest issue, as my readers know! It is my bane of existence and his as well!
So..... writing the problem down on paper does not always work.
Instead, we use objects or if I do have to write it down....I try to do it in relation to something he can relate to...like Legos.
Science, that is ALL experiments or I find an experiment that goes with the reading he HAS to do.
Social Studies....well, this one is harder. But, I do try to find videos that go along with as much as I can find.
So....if you have read this and realize that you DO have a visual learner and might need to shake things up to make homeschooling work better for them!
Jump on the old computer and find answers on how to do that!
I did!!
Happy Homeschooling!

Do you lapbook?

Are you and your kids lapbookers?
We are just starting to get into homeschool lapbook writing!
I first heard about this right after we started homeschooling in 2008, we were accidental homeschoolers and had NO clue about homeschooling and thought it sounded really cool to add to our curriculum!
Bought a ton of supplies and then we forgot......
Our goal this year, once the holidays are over....so one of our 2012 New Year's Resolution is to each create a lapbook.
I do not care what subject they pick, just that they each put their heart and soul into it and come up with something great that they enjoyed making!
There are lots of great sites out there to help you get started! Basically, if you have some paper, poster board or manila folder, scissors and crayons you can make a lapbook.
If you want to get even more creative....you can get sticky pockets, pop-ups, stickers, etc.
It is basically something that creativeness in your child is GREAT because they can get as crazy or as simple as they want!
So.... when you are stuck with what to do....bring out that art box and let them learn to lapbook!
Get creative!