Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Evolving with Evolution!

I am a firm believer in evolution! I believe we came from amoebas, and evolved to fish, then to reptiles, and to mammals, etc.
I think that dinosaurs and birds are cousins, there are too many factors to say not, IMHO.
I believe in strata layers showing that the earth was once covered in water, lakes were in the middle of the USA, that Pangaea existed and that we are kissing cousins of apes!
And as the Mom of 2 teens, 8th and 9th grade...we are at the age where explaining evolution to my homeschoolers is understandable!
My youngest son has ALWAYS been into dinosaurs and both of them are rockhounds like they already have a good base for this! do we go about it?
My favorite version is the shirt that Sheldon on Big Bang Theory wears! LOL
But....just showing them a shirt isn't really teaching! LOL Though it would make my life easier!
So...that being said....
There are LOTS of different versions out there...depending on how you see it!
Deciphering WHICH version is right for you is 100% up to you!
Research it! Go online, chat with other homeschooling parents!
Then see if you have helpful online assistance or hit the internet looking for books to help you out!
Which version or combo of them works for up to you!
Just remember, studying evolution will help you EVOLVE as a homeschooler!

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